Mary's Testimony

Have you ever heard someone attribute miraculous happenings to chance or good luck?  If so, how did it make you feel as a Christian?  Did you want to shout from a mountaintop “Praise be to God!” in response?  How would you feel if someone professed a visual spiritual connection with our Lord and Savior?  Would you be slightly hesitant to acknowledge God’s living presence for fear of being considered a bit el loco, or would you rejoice with the person in knowing that God is alive and well?  It is a privilege to share with you one longstanding member’s personal testament of a living God and her faith in His goodness, power, and love.

Often times, faith in God’s goodness can be challenged when we or a loved one confronts debilitating or life threatening medical illness.  In the 1950’s after the birth of her first child, Mary developed complications and was hospitalized for nearly five months. Mary’s medical staff painted grim odds of survival and awaited Mary’s imminent passing.  As you can surmise, Mary defeated medical odds by being restored to complete health, and lives to proclaim the belief in divine miracles as she bears witness to the Lord’s healing hands.  It was during this period of hospitalization that Mary experienced the calming vision of a shepherd cloaked in white carrying His staff and retrieving a lost lamb.  Although Mary’s child survived just one day before being carried into the Lord’s protection, the vision of the Shepherd helped to ease Mary’s wounded heart and restored her body to wholeness. 

Sometimes signs and wonders may reinforce a belief in the unseen or may even exist to challenge nonbelievers.  While at her husband’s bedside in a medical care facility, Mary prayed for a sign that her unresponsive husband Joe could feel her presence.  As if on cue, Joe miraculously blinked his eyes in what Mary describes as a very reassuring moment.  With a soft smile, she recalls the story of her son Blaine at Joe’s bedside in the final moments of his father’s passing.  When Blaine told his father that he loved him, a father whom had lost the ability to speak several months prior, uttered the resounding words “I love you” to his son.  If you haven’t shed a few tears yet, on the day that Joe passed into the loving embrace of his Lord and Savior, a beautiful rainbow appeared above the home of Jill, his precious daughter.  Coincidence?  Mary and I think not!

Perhaps the most spiritually reaffirming and empowering moment for Mary occurred while she was serving on the Nominating Committee.  After reading over 250 dossiers, the committee believed it had found the right person for the job.  The minister suggested to the team that everyone go home that night and pray that the selection was indeed implementation of God’s will for the church.  It was 2:30 am and Mary was still wide awake.  As she sat on the edge of the bed the atmosphere of her room seemed to change and she felt as if she were contained in a bubble.  Mary vividly remembers the sensation of someone passing by her and lightly tapping her shoulder.  A presence reached the foot of the bed and walked diagonally through the bed to the far corner of the room.  As the vision walked away Mary took note of His staff and His white robe and knew immediately that she experienced something special and that her prayers for discernment were answered. 

Mary wholeheartedly believes that the Good Lord is alive and well and wants to share the message that He is ready to take care of all His children if we allow our hearts to be open and made vulnerable to Him.  “Praise Him, Praise Him on High!” can audibly be heard ringing from the lips of dear sweet 87 year old Mary.